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Have you thought about sponsoring an exhibit or a special project at the Pinacoteca?

The Federal Law for Cultural Incentives (knows as the Rouanet Law) establishes that individuals can invest in cultural projects, allowing Income Tax deduction. Our exhibits and special projects are approved and incentivized by the Ministry of Culture, and are eligible to receive your contribution through this tax benefit.

The investment must be made by December 30, 2017 for Income Tax payable for 2017, or will be added to your refund by Brazil’s Federal Revenue Service. Any amount is very important for the execution of the Pinacoteca’s activities, being limited to a minimum amount of R$ 600.00, in order to cover the related administrative costs.

By sponsoring the museum’s activities, you also have a number of other benefits. For further information and clarifications, please contact patrocinios@pinacoteca.org.br