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Be a Friend of the Pinacoteca

The “Friends of the Pinacoteca” Program includes different categories of donation, whereby you choose the amount most compatible with your interests. It’s the best way to support the museum and make you contribution as an important legacy to the culture of our Nation.


Yes, I can deduct the contribution from Income Tax!

The Federal Law for Incentives to Cultural (Rouanet Law) provides that individuals can make investments in cultural projects, allowing income tax deduction. Our exhibits and cultural projects are approved and incentivized by Brazil’s Ministry of Culture and are ready to receive your contribution.

You can enjoy this tax benefit in contributions starting at R$ 200, considering that the amount of deduction for individuals is 6% of the amount calculated on the tax return. For those interested in the deduction in the current year, the contribution must be made by December 30th of the same year.For more information, please call 5511 3335-5366 or e-mail amigosdapinacoteca@pinacoteca.org.br


What is a Contributing Associate?

Friends of the Pinacoteca in the “Culture’ category can join the association and actively collaborate in achieving the association’s goals, participating with voice and vote at association member meetings. Interested parties who express this wish will be analyzed, and final approval of membership will be made by the board of directors, as determined in the Articles of Association.