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One of the largest information centers on visual arts in Brazil, the Walter Wey Library was opened to the public in 1959 and was officially established in 1971.

Currently, it has more than 30,000 titles specializing in the visual arts, including books, leaflets, magazines and catalogs, constituting one of the foremost collections in visual arts, especially Brazilian art.

The Library contains dossiers consisting of ephemera such as invitations, programs, tickets, booklets, pamphlets, catalogs, exhibit leaflets, advertising pieces, newspaper clippings, telephone cards, biographical information, bibliographies, page markers, agendas, and exhibit tickets, among others.

Alongside print documents, there are also important photographs, posters, postcards, and personal objects of artists, among others.

Largo General Osório, 66
Personal assistance by prior appointment by e-mail: Biblioteca@pinacoteca.org.br.

+55 11 3335-4997/98