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Loan of Works

Rules for the Loan of Works from the Collection of Pinacoteca de São Paulo

Pinacoteca de São Paulo was instituted on December 25, 1905 by the São Paulo State Government, as a painting gallery at the Liceu de Artes e Ofícios (School of Arts and Crafts). Its collection was built based on several strategies of incorporation and consists essentially of works produced by Brazilian artists, or works by foreigners with a close relationship with Brazil, ranging from the colonial period to the present day.

1. Guidelines

 Requests for loans of works of art are understood as requests originating from other institutions in Brazil or abroad.

Please note that the works of art collection exhibited in temporary and long-term exhibits of the Pinacoteca are not available for loan, and should loans be negotiated, there will a high possibility of refusal by the Institution.

The Pinacoteca staff reserves the right not to respond to questions submitted by third parties prior to the formal submission of a loan request, such as the availability of works, insurance amounts, artist contact info, and contributions.

1.1 Submitting loan applications

 Applications for loan of works from the Pinacoteca’s permanent collection must be sent to the attention of the Institution’s Technical Directorate, at the address indicated at the end of the document, and must contain the following information:

– Presentation Letter from the applicant (Curator and/or Head of the requesting Institution);
– Facility report of the Institution that will host the exhibit;
– Exhibition data (title, period, venue, general concept);
– List of desired works;
– Any other information that the applicant deems necessary.

1.2 Lead Times

 Minimum lead times for receiving applications:

– Domestic loans (within Brazil): 05 months prior to the opening of the exhibition;
– Foreign loans: 07 months prior to the opening of the exhibition.

Requests for loans received after the established deadlines will be evaluated on an emergency basis, and may be refused immediately by the Pinacoteca’s technical staff. Additional contributions are charged for fulfillment of loan requests outside the aforementioned deadlines; please request Price schedule.

In the case of traveling exhibits, defined and communicated after the start of the loan, the Pinacoteca must be notified at least 02 months in advance. The applicant must provide complementary documentation, in accordance with SC Resolution No. 37, described in item 1.4.

1.3 Evaluating loan applications

 All lean applications received by the Pinacoteca are evaluated by the institution’s technical staff regarding the availability and conservation status of the works and the conditions for the loan submitted by the applicant.

After the positive opinion of the Pinacoteca technical staff, the application is sent to the Institution’s Art Advisory Board, or “COA” (Conselho de Orientação Artística) for evaluation during one of its monthly meetings.

With the approval at the aforementioned levels, the applicant is notified by the Pinacoteca as to the documentation necessary to open the formal loan process, which will be processed at the Museum Asset Preservation Unit of the São Paulo State Secretariat of Culture (UPPM-SEC).

1.4 Applicant’s documentation

 For all loans, the guidance contained in SC Resolution No. 37 dated September 3, 2004, which governs the loan of works of the collection of the São Paulo State Secretariat of Culture, shall apply.

Loans to foreign Institutions: the documentation mentioned in SC Resolution No. 37 should be adapted, for more information, click here. It is necessary to obtain the prior authorization from the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage, or “Iphan” (Instituto de Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional), for works of art to be allowed to leave the country, in the following categories:

– Works produced after 1889: authorization is issued by Iphan’s regional office for the state of São Paulo.
– Works produced in 1889 or prior thereto: in compliance with Federal Law No. 4.845 dated November 19, 1965, it is necessary to obtain a special authorization issued by Iphan in Brasilia. For more information, see Ordinance No. 262 date August 14, 1992.

All of the applicant’s documentation must be sent in care of the Pinacoteca Museological Collection Center (Núcleo de Acervo Museológico), responsible for mediation of the loan with UPPM-SEC and Iphan.

1.5 Preparation of works to be loaned and contribution to the promotion of culture

The Pinacoteca requests a contribution to promote culture, when the requests for loans of works of art are fulfilled, and this contribution is reverted to the Institution itself. For more information, please request a price schedule.

In addition to the contribution for the promotion of culture, a fee may be charged for the preparation of works (restoration, framing, etc.), depending on the conditions of the works requested.

2. Loan Process Flowchart

  1. Submission of the loan application in care of Pinacoteca Executive Board;
  2. Analysis of the application by the Pinacoteca technical staff;
  3. Presentation of the application to the Pinacoteca’s Art Advisory Board (COA) with the opinion of the technical staff;
  4. If the opinion is positive, the Pinacoteca notifies the applicant about the loan conditions, and requests the documentation for the formalization of the process, as described in item 1.4;
  5. Receipt and verification of documentation by the Pinacoteca technical staff;
  6. The Pinacoteca staff submits documentation to the UPPM-SEC, and the loan process is opened;
  7. An opinion is issued by the UPPM-SEC authorizing or declining the loan.


3. Address for submitting loan applications

Pinacoteca de São Paulo
Diretoria Geral
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Bom Retiro, São Paulo – SP
CEP: 01120-010
Tel.: (+55 11) 3324-1000

E-mail addresses
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