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Logo da Pinacoteca


The group of Patrons of Contemporary Art was formed through an initiative of the Associação Pinacoteca Arte e Cultura (APAC), which since 2006 has been responsible for managing the Pinacoteca. Its objective is the acquisition of Brazilian works of art, produced from the 1960s on, for donation to the museum’s collection.

To this end, the Pinacoteca invites people who are committed; art dealers or art gallery owners are not allowed to participate. Participation is voluntary, and there is no association or affiliation with the APAC.

In return, the donor has a number of benefits, including participation in the process selecting and acquiring works of art. The choice of the works is made by the Art Advisory Board and afterwards by a panel, whereby each curator presents their preferences and the reason for their choice.

With this initiative, we intend to improve the museum’s tradition in collecting the best of contemporary artistic production ever since it was founded.