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Logo da Pinacoteca



Pinacoteca de São Paulo is a museum of visual arts with an emphasis on Brazilian production from the nineteenth century to the present day. Founded in 1905 by the São Paulo State Government, it is the city’s oldest art museum.

It was set up in the old building of the Liceu de Artes e Ofícios [School], designed in the late nineteenth century by the architectural firm of Ramos de Azevedo, and later underwent an extensive renovation project designed by architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, in the late 1990s.

The Pinacoteca’s original collection was formed with the transfer of 20 works of art from Museu Paulista of the University of São Paulo by some of the city’s foremost artists, such as Almeida Júnior, Pedro Alexandrino, Antônio Parreiras, and Oscar Pereira da Silva. Over the years, it has formed a significant collection, with nearly 10,000 works.

Since 2006, the Pinacoteca has been administered by Associação Pinacoteca Arte e Cultura. It currently holds around 30 exhibits and receives roughly 500,000 visitors a year.



In 2004, Pinacoteca incorporated the Largo General Osório building, which originally housed warehouses and offices of Sorocabana Railroad. The building was completely renovated by architect Haron Cohen, and the name was changed to Estação Pinacoteca, currently known as Pina_Estação, to receive part of the program of temporary exhibits.

The Memorial to the São Paulo Resistance is located on the ground floor, created in the part of the building that housed the Department of Political and Social Order of the State of São Paulo (Deops/SP), from 1940 to 1983. The institution is dedicated to preserving the memories of the resistance and the political repression of republican Brazil.

The Documentation and Memory Center is located on the first floor, as well as the Walter Wey Library, which presents a significant collection of visual arts, especially Brazilian art.



 Pinacoteca’s mission is to build, consolidate and expand, study, safeguard, and communicate a museological, archival and bibliographical collection of visual arts,produced by Brazilian artists or intrinsically related to Brazilian culture, its buildings and memories; aiming to improve the public’s experience with the visual arts and stimulate artistic production and knowledge.



 For Pinacoteca to be recognized as a museum, a space for the production and dissemination of knowledge, a center for educational and social inclusion, a benchmark for quality, consistency and dynamism in the Brazilian and international museological scenario.



 Safeguarding and communication of the collections and buildings within the strictest technical standards

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You can take a virtual tour on the second floor of Pina_Luz, where is the exhibition Arte no Brasil – Uma história na Pinacoteca de São Paulo is on display. Browse the rooms, corridors, balconies and see the works online!

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