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Candida Höfer

18 Feb 2017
22 May 2017

Starting February 18, the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, the art museum of the São Paulo State Secretariat of Culture, presents three large-scale works by German artist Candida Höfer, on the second floor of the Pina Luz building. The photographs represent two different cultural spaces in Brazil and one in France, which will be displayed in dialogue with the museum’s collection of nineteenth century art.

The show is part of the exhibit program called “Dialogues with the Collection,” which includes the presentation of works of other institutions and/or contemporary artists in dialogue with the Pinacoteca’s permanent collection. As part of this program, the museum has exhibited collections from the Mariano Procópio Museum, in Juiz de Fora (MG), a selection of paintings and photographs from the University of São Paulo’s Museu Paulista, and works by artists such as Belgium’s Francis Alÿs, Portugal’s Vasco Araújo, and Brazil’s Rodrigo Andrade. “By bringing together the collection works from other periods, or other collections, the museum challenges visitors to build new interpretations. These are new possibilities to look at what is familiar,” explains chief curator Valeria Piccoli.

The show features photographs from the Räume (Spaces) series, dedicated to the representation of public spaces such as museums, galleries, libraries, and concert halls. These images discuss how architecture builds solemn spaces, which both drive and contain the actions of the public. “The indoor spaces of historic buildings are recorded by the artist with a certain detachment. It will be an interesting counterpoint for visitors to the Pinacoteca, who can realize that – at that moment – they are in one of those spaces that have a relevant institutional history,” adds Piccoli.

One of the key names in contemporary photography, Candida Höfer, studied at the prestigious Düsseldorf Academy of Art. Her photographs primarily investigate the structure of public spaces and how architecture can manipulate the human experience. Sometimes what stands out most in her images is the excessive ornamentation of the place and the impact that this causes to the viewer; another striking feature is the mastery of geometry and its ordering principle, which often goes unnoticed for those who traverse these spaces. “Höfer’s photographs invite us to reflect on the feelings that the spaces evoke within us, and how we are influenced by them.”

Dialogues with the collection: Candida Höfer will run through May 22, 2017, on the 1st floor of the Pinacoteca – located at Praça da Luz, 2. Admission is open Wednesday through Monday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, and visitors are allowed to remain until 6:00 pm. Tickets cost R$ 6 (full price) and R$ 3 (half-price for students, seniors, etc.). Admission is free-of-charge for children under 10 and adults over 60. On Saturdays, admission is free for all visitors. Pinacoteca de São Paulo is located across the street from the Luz station of the Sao Paulo Metrô and CPTM, and also offers free parking.