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Fernando Limberger: Contenção Verde & Botânica SP

19 Nov 2016
20 Feb 2017

NOV 19, 2016
FEB 20, 2017

Starting November 19, Pinacoteca de São Paulo, the art museum of the São Paulo State Secretariat of Culture, presents two works by artist Fernando Limberger in Courtyard 1, on the ground floor of the museum. The works explore the use of different species of shrubs, trees and seeds in order to propose a reflection on the relationship between nature and culture. The exhibit is supported by Regatec for the irrigation system.

“Contenção Verde” [“Green Containment”] is the first work. It is a kind of mimetic reproduction of an urban garden, with earth, adult plants up to eight meters high, and at the same time, a concrete wall and railings. There are various species of trees, herbaceous shrubs, both native and exotic, placed together in the same space, forming a large green volume surrounded by iron railings, as those present in the parks in the city of São Paulo. Lighting is natural and irrigation is sustainable and purpose designed.

The garden, in an octagonal shape, will occupy the center of the room, with circulation for the public in the outdoor area. The irony in “Contenção Verde” is the railing that is there to define two distinct spaces, one with vegetation and without people, and the other without vegetation and with people. “When visitors cross the walkway, they will see the treetops and this confined green volume. The railing segregates the plants from the people at the same time retains their expansion. An antagonistic reality that speaks on imposing certain rationality to the spaces, also seen in urban gardens, at the same time placing man as the central figure in the management of vegetation,” explains Pedro Nery, curator of the exhibition.

Botânica SP will also be exhibited in Courtyard 1, which is a giant seed tray that contains 150 different species of seeds collected in the streets, squares and parks of the city, all cataloged and accompanied by informative signs. There, they are watered and will sprout freely at different times. “The idea is that during the three months of the exhibit, there will be a transformation that allows the visitor to follow the growth of the sprouts,” adds Nery.

“Contenção Verde” and “Botânica SP’ remain on view through February 20, 2017 on the ground floor of the Pinacoteca – Praça da Luz, 2. Admission is open on Wednesday through Monday from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, and visitors are allowed to remain until 6:00 pm. Tickets cost R$ 6 (full price) and R$ 3 (half-price for students, seniors, etc.). Admission is free-of-charge for children under 10 and adults over 60. On Saturdays, admission is free for all visitors. Pinacoteca de São Paulo is located across the street from the Luz station of the Sao Paulo Metrô and CPTM, and also offers free parking.