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OSGEMEOS: Segredos (Secrets)

15 Oct 2020
03 May 2021

The Pinacoteca de São Paulo museum, managed by the State of São Paulo Culture and Creative Economy Department displays, from October, 15, 2020 to May, 3, 2021, OSGEMEOS: Segredos [Secrets], the first panoramic exhibition of the artistic duo made up by brothers Otávio and Augusto Pandolfo (São Paulo, 1974). The exhibition, presented by Bradesco, gathers more than 1000 items,  of which about 50 never shown in Brazil, and more than 1.000 items from their rich imagery.

The duo has carved out a path in the art world without ever losing sight of their wish to remain accessible to the general public. That path has included participating in shows at major international institutions, such as Hamburger Bahnhof, in Berlin, 2019, with a project devised in partnership with the Berlin breakdance group Flying Steps, a great international award-winner; the Vancouver Biennale, Canada (2014); MOCA – Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (2011); MOT – Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan, and Tate Modern, London, UK (both in 2008); and the Milano Trienale (2006), among others. In the course of their career, the brothers have also been invited to create works for important public spaces in more than 60 countries, including Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Cuba and the United States – featuring the electronic displays at Times Square, New York (2015) – among others.

Their works tell stories (sometimes autobiographical) whose plots involve fantasy, emotional relationships, questionings, dreams and life experiences. OSGEMEOS still have their studio in Cambuci, an old immigrant working-class neighborhood in downtown São Paulo, in which they spent their childhood and youth. From the 1990s onwards, their experimentations – not only graffiti-wise, but also involving easel painting and both static and moving sculptures – outgrew the two-dimensional limit and culminated in the creation of a unique universe operating on the interface between dream and reality.

At the Pinacoteca exhibition, the duo presents paintings, immersive installations, sound installations, sculptures, site-specific interventions, drawings and notebooks. The notebooks, dating from their teenage years and now presented to the public for the first time, precede their famous yellow characters and throw light on the roots of their emergence. The body of works takes the museum by assault and occupies all seven temporary exhibition rooms at the first floor, as well as one of the courtyards, several inner and outer spaces and, last but not least, the Octagon, which holds a specially-designed installation.

As a traditional institution devised to foster art production in Brazil, Pinacoteca reaffirms its engagement by presenting a comprehensive review of OSGEMEOS’ output, opening a year dedicated to the relationship between art and the city. “If in modern times the phenomenon of art has had the city as its place of existence, to think about art is to think about its incorporation in urban life. The urban reality, the city itself, the relationships that take hold in that particular space, are not only subjects of art, but also the very manner of its manifestation. To live in the city is to partake of a unique sociability marked by commuting, anonymity, collective production and conflict- and inequality-generating factors, but also charged with a potential for freedom and change, which are very dear to modern and contemporary art practices”, concludes Jochen Volz, general director at Pinacoteca and the show’s curator.

During the months in which the exhibition is on display, the museum will be filled with the unmistakable style and spelling of the artist duo. Pina’s store will receive a set of new products designed by them, such as mugs, t-shirts and caps. Temporarily, the traditional sign on the facade bearing the institution’s name, created by the award-winning graphic designer Carlos Perrone in the 1990s, will be replaced by a luminous one designed especially by OSGEMEOS. Likewise, the electronic signatures of the museum employees’ e-mails, which today bear the institution’s logo, will be temporarily changed to the new identity.

The exhibition is sponsored by Bradesco (quota presents), Samsung and Grupo Boticário (master quota), IRB Brasil RE (platinum quota), Iguatemi São Paulo and GOL Linhas Aéreas (gold quota), escritório Mattos Filho, Allergan, Cielo and Comgás (silver quota) and Havaianas (quota bronze).



The exhibition OSGEMEOS: Segredos is accompanied by two catalogues, in Portuguese and English. The first includes presentation by the general director of the Pinacoteca Jochen Volz, unpublished texts by Julia Flamingo and Paulo Portella, as well as images of works from the exhibition and other projects. The second will present views of the exhibition at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo.

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The Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Museum of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the state of São Paulo, presents the 360º virtual Experience of the mega exhibition OSGEMEOS: Segredos.

To access the full screen tour click here.

Now it is possible to browse the more than 1000 items of the rich imaginary of the brothers Otávio and Gustavo Pandolfo and the 10 spaces dedicated to the exhibition, the 7 exhibition rooms, the Octagon, the Hall and the courtyard. In addition to the virtual tour, you can see below an exclusive interview with the curator of the show and general director of Pinacoteca, Jochen Volz, who comments on the successes and challenges of the assembly process. This tour was conducted with the support of Bloomberg, a leading global financial technology company, through its corporate philanthropy program, with no use of incentive laws.



The Núcleo de Ação Educativa da Pinacoteca (NAE) has prepared the video below with artists so everyone may know a little more about the exhibition. Guided tours for groups are temporarily suspended.



Before entering the Pinacoteca, the visitors will have their temperature checked, and anyone feeling unwell or with a temperature at or above 37.5°C, will not be admitted and will be advised to seek medical help. The use of mask will be mandatory in all facilities and throughout the visit. It will not be allowed to remove the mask at any time, including for taking photographs and selfies. Hand sanitizer will be available in all spaces and, in addition, a new signage will guide visitors through our spaces, indicating the circulation flow, to guarantee social distance of 1.5m, minimum.

The museum will operate from 10 pm to 6 pm daily, and the visitors flow will be guided by our staff and by a new signage designed to facilitate circulation. The time spent in the building will also be limited to 1 (one) hour.

Advance timed tickets will be sold online at the Pinacoteca website (www.pinacoteca.org.br). On Saturdays, admission is also free, however you must also book online. Please find the complete protocol available on the Pina website (www.pinacoteca.org.br).



The duo’s recent projects include solo shows at First Art Museum (Nashville, 2019), Hamburger Bahnhof (with breakdance group Flying Steps) (Berlin, 2019), Mattress Factory (Pittsburgh, 2018), Pirelli HangarBicocca (Milan, 2016), Museu Casa do Pontal (Rio de Janeiro, 2015) and ICA – The Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston, 2012). Their works are featured in major collections around the world, such as MOT (Tokyo), Franks-Suss Collection (London), MAM-SP (São Paulo), Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo) and Museu Casa do Pontal (Rio de Janeiro).




OSGEMEOS: Segredos
Curated by Jochen Volz
Opening: October 15, 2020
Visitation: from October 15, 2020 to August 8, 2021
Tickets with scheduled time, sales only online at www.pinacoteca.org.br


As long as the period of measures to combat the pandemic lasts, tickets for all the exhibitions of the Pinacoteca will always be on sale weekly. Tickets will not be offered for longer periods as to avoid possible cancellations due to government measures of the Plano São Paulo.

Pinacoteca de São Paulo:
Edifício Pina Luz
Endereço: Praça da Luz 2, São Paulo, SP
Horário: 11am to 7pm

Tickets: R Int 25 whole and R 12.50 half-entrance (with proof of proof), only by the Pinacoteca website (www.pinacoteca.org.br)
Children under 10 and adults over 60 are exempt from payment, but must book tickets on the website and prove age upon arrival at the museum.
On Saturdays, the entrance of the Pinacoteca is also free for everyone but it is necessary to book online.
Important: the physical box office will remain closed.




The Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Museum of the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the state of São Paulo, presents to the public the unprecedented audiovisual series Segredos that addresses the origin, essence and perspectives of the hip hop from São Paulo. The production is a project conceived by the artists OSGEMEOS, Gustavo and Otávio Pandolfo, and has 4 episodes, with around 20 minutes each, which will be available for free every Thursday at 20h, from June 10 on the YouTube channel of the Pinacoteca.

After the virtual tour and the online educational visit, both already available on the museum’s website, the documentary series is another development of the successful exhibition OSGEMEOS: Segredos on display until August 09, 2021 at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo. The episodes were recorded in order to reveal to the viewers the passage of artists through the history of hip hop in the early 1980s and also the stories and experiences of the protagonists who made and are part of this movement. In addition to bringing the audience closer with their creative universe, the videos also aim to encourage other young Brazilians to get to know and get closer to the artistic manifestations of the street and continue in the search for their own identity, and even transform their reality. Therefore, in addition to the YouTube channel of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, the material will be widely disseminated to the network of teachers and state and private schools, reaching a large number of young people from all over the country.

“Gustavo and Otávio grew up in the cambuci neighborhood, in the Central Region of São Paulo, and were involved in the local hip hop scene in the early 1980s, when they began to dance the break and to graffiti. Since childhood they were regulars of Largo São Bento, cradle of the hip hop movement throughout the country, and they unfolded these influences in multiple artistic languages that can be seen in the large poster exhibition at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo and in their works around the world”, says Jochen Volz, general director of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo.

Influenced by this context, the documentary series Segredos starts from the brothers’ own trajectory to demonstrate didactically how hip hop became one of the most relevant artistic and cultural manifestations in Brazil, influencing music, art, fashion, customs and of course, dance.  The episodes were recorded in a scenario that simulates a subway car, built by the artists themselves in their atelier. Inside the vehicle, iconic figures of the cultural scene meet to reveal secrets and discuss the origins, present and legacy of a style that began in the United States and currently influence the lives of thousands of people in Brazil.

The script follows the logic of a train journey from a big city; at each stop, the viewer is transported to a fragment of the hip hop universe from interviews with MC’s, DJs, break dancers and graffiti artists led by the duo OSGEMEOS. The guests are: DJ’s-Erick Jay, DJ HUM, KL Jay, Lisa Bueno and Ninja; BREAK – Alam Beat, B-Boy Neguin, B-boy Pelezinho, B – Girl Fabi Girl, Nelson Triunfo, Ricardinho; GRAFFITI-Binho, Doze Green, Gheto, Ise, Pran, Soberana Ziza, Speto, Tinho, Venus, Vitché; MC’s: Bivolt, Edi Rock, Ice Blue, Jack and Thaíde.

“From the beginning, when we started to imagine the exhibition “Segredos”, our idea was to produce a series of interviews in which it was possible to share the history of some of the main exponents of national and International Hip Hop culture. This miniseries is a super special project of ours with Pinacoteca de São Paulo. A “train“ journey back in time. An exchange of learnings, stories and discoveries that pass between our first experiences with hip hop as children in Cambuci, through the influence of the classes of PORTAL and Fantastic Break, until today. We believe in education and the power of art as transformation. May these windows be the beginning of a long journey and may we continue this project.” says OSGEMEOS.

The series was produced by Pinacoteca de São Paulo, directed by Vinicius Colé in partnership with the producers Porqueeu Filmes, Bicho, Tilt and Core.

The project was sponsored by Iguatemi São Paulo via the municipal program to support cultural projects (Pro-Mac).

Documentary Series Segredos

From June 10 on the channel www.youtube.com/PinacotecadeSaoPauloUm
 unpublished episode will be released every Thursday always at 20h.
Duration: roughly 20 minutes each
Production, script and recording: Porqueeu Films, Bicho, Tilt and Core.
Director: Vinícius Colé

Episode 1 – all paths lead to São Bento

Synopsis: The Birth Of Hip Hop in São Paulo. A summary of the trajectories and individual origins of some characters until the meeting of all paths in the historic São Bento station. Guests in this episode: Rooney, Nelson Triunfo, Alam Beat, Ricardinho Electric Boogies, Thaíde, MC Jack, DJ KL Jay, DJ Hum and DJ Ninja.


Episode 2  – the essence of Hip Hop

A summary of the creative and cultural explosion that is born from the São Bento movement. The primordial role that Hip Hop had as a culture of integration and the possibilities that the movement offered to young people of the 80s and 90s to experience multiple artistic expressions. The evolution of hip hop and the challenges the characters overcame to reach the top.
Guests in this episode: Doze Green, Lisa Bueno, Speto, Binho, Tinho, Vitché, ISE, DJ Erick Jay and Rooney.


Episode 3 Hip Hop: the story continues


Get to know the new generation and learn how Hip Hop is important in the mission of uniting and saving lives, the similarities and differences between past and future. What is the new generation doing to continue the legacy? Guests in this episode: Venus, Bivolt, sovereign Ziza, Ghetto, Pran, B-Boy Pelezinho, B-boy Neguin and B-Girl Fabi Girl.


Episode 4 – Segredos: the search for a style

A more philosophical episode, where the characters share their perceptions, talk about their creative processes, show ways and give advice to those who are thinking of entering this universe. Guests in this episode: all artists. Presentation: Osgemeos. Guests: DJ’S: DJ HUM, Ninja, Erick Jay, KL Jay, Lisa Bueno. BREAKDANCE: Nelson Triunfo, Alam Beat, Ricardinho Electric Boogies, B-Boy Pelezinho, B-boy Neguin, B-Girl Fabi Girl. GRAFFITI: Doze Green, Soberana Ziza, Venus, Gheto, Speto, Tinho, Binho, Ise, Vitché, Pran. MC’s: Jack, Thaíde, Ice Blue, Edi Rock, Buffalo.



OSGEMEOS and Pinacoteca de São Paulo display:


Director: Vinicius Colé @ vinicius_cole
Producer: Porqueeu Filmes @porqueeufilmes
Executive producer: Gabriel Braga @gabrielbrag
Script: Bicho @bicho_x-Flavio Vieira @ flaviowhatever and Jau @ o_jau
Photography direction: Beto Macedo @ betomacedo-Tilt @tiltrec
Editing by Vinicius Colé @ vinicius_cole and Gabriela Naraki @naraki.jobs
Production coordinator / Pina: Elisa Ximenes @elisaximenes
Production Director video team: Bruna Ciccarello @brunaciccarello
Producers: Icarus fleet @ icaro_frt and Marcos Vitoriano @marcosvitoriano
Production assistant: Thiago Norberto @thiago.norberto
Camera operators: Beto Macedo @ betomacedo, Marcel Yokoda @marcelyokoda and Plínio Higuti @pliniohiguti
Steadycam operator: Marcel Yokoda @marcelyokoda
Drone: Beto Macedo @ betomacedo
1-Photography Assistant: Danilo Saraiva
2-photography assistant: Carol Colombo @caroliscolombo
Logger: Icarus fleet @icaro_frt
Electrical: Didi @maguiunelive.co (head of electrical)
Assistant: Antônio Amorim de Oliveira (Toninho) @amorim6080


Direct sound technician: Lum @ lum_ordemnatural
Assistant / microphone: Caio Neri @caioedc
Soundtrack: OSGEMEOS @ osgemeos, DJ Makõ @ djmakosp and Retarda @retarda
Mixing and mastering: Estúdio Toth @ estudiototh, Danilo De Souza @dansphc and Fernando Uehara @ fe.uehara
Color Grade: CORE @coregrading
Colorists: Marco Oliveira and Leco Marques
Translation: Tiago Munhoz Da Costa @ munhoz77
Transcript: Gabriel Misaki @gabrielmisaki


OSGEMEOS @osgemeos, Thaíde @thaideoficial, DJ Erick Jay @erickjay Binho Ribeiro – @binho3m, Speto @speto, the City @gueto1, Tinho @tinho23sp, Doze Green, @dozegreen, Ice Blue @iceblueracionais, and DJ KL Jay @kljaydeejay, Edi Rock @edirock, DJ Lisa Bueno @have all these options, Bandolier @bandolier, Rooney, The Guardian @rooneyoyo, MC Jack, @djmcjack, DJ Ninja @djninjasw, DJ, Eh @djhum, Nelson’s Victory @nelsontriunfo Venus @thetrueluv, Sovereign, and Ziza @soberanaziza, Fabi Girl @fabgirl_bsbgirls, Neguin @neguinism, Pelezinho @bboypelezinho, Pran @thecrimeissues, ISE @ise.vlok, Vitché @ vitche1, Alam Beat @ alambeat, Ricardinho Electric Boogie @ricardocm65.

Special thanks:

Art gallery in São Paulo @pinacotecasp, Elisa’s Father @elisaximenes, Jochen Volz @volzjochen Marcos Gerez @marcos_gerez MUSIC Makõ @djmakosp, it Slows @slows down, and James Berbare @tiagoberbare_tilt, Alex Vargas, Cassalho @avargascassalho, Back Spin Crew @backspincrew1985, Back-Spin, the Girls, the Zulu Nation, to the Street Games, Crazy Crew, Fantastic Force, Black Men, Electric Boogies @electricboogies, Villa in a Box, Buffalo, Girls, Girls, Girls / Funk German, Ups, Crazy @djrogerdee @eduardoso68, JR, Blau (Wild Style), Before the MC @rose_mc85, Tom One Son, Hip-Hop, SP @xikino2, Home Breakers @jabaquarabreakers, Break, Fierce, Pepeu & Mike @pepeu_lorena, MC Fish @grandmaster_fish, Style Crew – @stylecrew1994, the Rock Steady Crew rocksteadycrew1977, the Twelve – @dozegreen, the New York City Breakers @nyc.breakers, Paulo Portella son @pportellaf, rational MC’s @rationaisn, gluttony, Nest-Lucy Cougar

The project was sponsored by Iguatemi São Paulo via the municipal program to support cultural projects (Pro-Mac).



With hundreds of sponsored projects annually, Bradesco believes that culture is a transformative agent of society. Besides the Bradesco Theater, the bank supports initiatives contributing to the liability of cultural manifestations, from north and South of the country, reassuring its commitment to the democratic wide access to art, such as regional events, fairs, exhibitions, cultural centers, orchestras, musicals and many others. Like the Bradesco Theater, many institutions and cultural spaces supported by the bank promoted actions so that the public could continue to be entertained – albeit virtually – during the Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, the bank launched Bradesco Cultura (Bradesco Culture), a digital platform gathering contents related to cultural initiatives sponsored by the institution. Visit at cultura.bradesco.