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Tactile Gallery

of Brazilian Sculptures

07 Mar 2016
01 Jan 2020

MAR 7, 2016
JAN 1, 2020

The Pinacoteca presents an exhibit with 12 tactile sculptures in bronze, which are part of the museum’s permanent collection. The selection of works was made considering the indication of visually impaired visitors who took part in guided tours of the museum’s collection in the last five years. Additionally, the size, shape, texture and aesthetic diversity, which facilitate artistic understanding and appreciation of these works when being touched, were other criteria adopted for selecting the sculptures.

With this initiative, visually impaired museum-goers can explore and recognize, through touch, all the works of Tactile Gallery, presented in a discerning pattern of accessibility and complemented by other supporting features such as a folder and catalog in ink and Braille, as well as an audio guide developed especially for the target audience of this exhibit. Among the artists selected for the show are Rodolfo Bernardelli, Victor Brecheret, Bruno Giorgi, and Amilcar de Castro, among others. These materials are available at the museum front desk.

The visitation route is guided by a tactile floor, which permits and indicates a pathway to explore the works found in this gallery. This is another action of the Educational Program for Special Audiences (PEPE), aimed to ensure the possibility of art enjoyment for people with disabilities – whether sensory, physical or mental.

This action by Educational Program for Special Audiences (PEPE) is part of the “Museum for All” program, a pioneering project carried out by the Center for Educational Action of the Pinacoteca in partnership with Grupo Santander Brasil, which includes Banco Santander and Banco Real, with the aim of forming a more inclusive society and guaranteeing the right of access to the State’s arts and cultural heritage.

PEPE also offers educational visits to the Pinacoteca’s collection, previously scheduled, supplemented by resources of multisensory support and adapted publications.

Educational Program for Special Audiences
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